Anthoine Hubert: "My target is to win this year"

Written by: Fanni Váradi | Photo: GP3 Media / Fanni Váradi

Anthoine Hubert, French GP3 driver for ART Grand Prix spending his second season in the series. After a successful rookie year where he scored 4th position in the overall standings, he decided to stay for another season with a clear goal on mind. “I did not really have the chance to move to F2 because I don’t have the budget for it” started Anthoine about his stay. “I think I have to talent to get there but I also preferred to stay and try to win this year and then I would be able to get to F2.”

To reach this goal Anthoine stayed with GP3 Series’ strongest team ART Grand Prix. “They are simply the best. If I want to win I have to be here. I saw last year how good they work so If I stayed in GP3 I wanted to stay with ART” said Anthoine about his team.

Although the series and the team stayed the same, Anthoine’s previous teammates moved up to Formula 2 and the French team had to find new GP3 drivers. “We have a good atmosphere in the team” began to talk about his new teammates. “We speak a lot and we are working together to get to the best and to achieve good results for the team and for ourselves. I really like the job with them.”

Anthoine had a very strong first half of the season. With 129 points in his pocket he is leading the championship. “I am really satisfied but you know you can always find ways to improve. I am always trying to get to a better level and that is it. I have good points, I am leading the championship but you can always do better.”

The French driver has 2 victories in the season so far. After Dorian Boccolacci was disqualified from the first French race, the win was given to Anthoine. “It did not feel like a real victory in France. I was happy to get more points but that was all. When I won in Silverstone I felt that was my first proper victory” said Anthoine about his wins.

As GP3 always, this season is very taut. Callum Ilott is only 15 points behind Anthoine followed by Leonardo Pulcini who is 30 points away. “I think the reversed grid is the reason why the series is so taut. I had a weekend with 0 points at the Red Bull Ring, so sometimes this does not help me but it makes things more exciting” said Anthoine.

The series is now having a summer break but fight for the win will continue in the end in August at Spa-Francorchamps. “Of course I will have to fight, it is never easy to keep the lead but that is my target. I want to score lot of points, be in the front. That is the target since beginning of the year. If I am able I want to go for the win, if no then okay for P2, P3. Always try to take big points” summarized Anthoine his goal for the next rounds.


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