Mercedes junior tops Feature race

Written by: Fanni Váradi | Photo: GP3 Media

Geroge Russell scored his second GP3 victory in a week after finishing on top during the feature race in Silverstone.

ART GP’s Geroge Russell was fastest during the qualifying session and started from pole. The Mercedes junior did not get a perfect start. His teammate Antonine Hubert grabbed the opportunity and jumped to firsr place.

The other ART driver, Jack Aitken got a nice start and got to P3 from P5 behind Fukuzumi and Kari.
Fukuzumi had quite bad luck this weekend. The Japanese slowed down and had to retire from the race, with this his dreams about winning a race got broken in a second. Alessio Lorandi, Boccolacci and Tveter all got one position on this.

George Russel tried to catch up after had a bad start and overtook Huber for first place in Hangar on the fourth lap. In the meantime Lorandi passed by Aitken for P4.

Ryna Tveter’s car suddenly stopped on lap 14 followed by a Safety car session. 2 laps before the end the lights went off again. A big battle started for the top 3 positions. Alessio Lorandi got the restart very well and overtook Niko Kari in the first given place. Few seconds later Boccolacci passed by the Finnish driver and so did Jack Aitken.

George Russel won his home race, scoring his second GP3 victory. His teammate Hubert finished behind the Briton followed by Jenzer Motorsport’s Italian, Alessio Lorandi. Aitken, Boccolacci, Kari, Maini, Alesi, Joerg and Falchero completed the point scoring area.

After the race Boccolacci got a 5 seconds penalty and lost 5th place falling back to 8th position because of crashing Kari in the final lap. Boccolacci was not the only penalized driver afterwards. Bruno Baptista got 20 seconds penalty for ignoring Virtual Safety Car. The DAMS driver lost 12th place for 15th.

With his second Victory Russell increased the gap with 26 points in the top of the championship ahead of Hubert.
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