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"We just should continue this good performance": Pierre Gasly

Photo: GP2 Series Media Service
By: Fanni Váradi
Photography: GP2 Series Media Service / Sky Sport

Pierre Gasly is a GP2 driver for PREMA Racing and third driver for Red Bull Racing in Formula One. He became Formula Renault 2.0 Champion in 2013 and finished second behind Carlos Sainz Jr. in Formula Renault 3.5 a year later.

In 2015 he competed in GP2 series with DAMS and finished the season in 8th place. One year later he changed team and joined the PREMA Racing, which is completing its first year in GP2. Pierre feels really good with his new team and he's satisfied with their performance so far "The team has done an excellent job. We were on the pole at the first weekend. They have never done any mistakes so far and fingers crossed they won't do until the end."

The PREMA Racing team currently leads the GP2 Series teams standings "They always do good pit stops and strategies. I can't expect anything better from them so far. Our strength is I think that the car is really fast all the time. We just should continue this good performance."

Pierre currently stands first in the drivers' championship with 2 victories and 113 points. He won the feature race in Silverstone which was his first GP2 victory. Pierre was on the top of the podium last time in Formula Renault series 2.0 on 28th of September 2013 in Paul Ricard. There were 1015 days between the 2 victories "It is difficult to explain but I haven't changed anything just worked on myself on my driving, tyre management, mentally as well and finally it paid off and Silverstone was great. First win and second win here in Budapest again. It is fantastic and hopefully we can carry on like this."

He thinks the Hungaroring is a really technical track which suits to his driving style. "I’ve felt really good with the car since first lap on track” On the new asphalt he seemed to be the quickest and finished first in the free practices, qualifying and won the feature race. "The new asphalt is much faster than it was last year. It’s pretty good but till the end there weren’t huge differences and I just wanted to be quicker.”

His strategy for the Hungarian weekend was really simple: "Staying on track and not doing any mistakes. Go until the end try to save the tyres as much as we could and finally it was what we did so I'm really happy about it. Good results for the team and Thanks to the them for the great car!”

Pierre has been part of Red Bull Junior program for 3 years. He is the third driver for Red Bull Racing F1 team and spends a lot of time with testing and driving the team’s F1 car in shows like the GoodWood Festival of speed.

In Silverstone he tested the new cockpit protection system called "Halo” and was not a big fan of it "I think it's a bit strange, different and don't really like it personally. A bit weird to have something around our head. The cockpit has always been opened in Formula 1 and for example in football they've never changed their rules and I don't know why will they change it in F1. We will see what they going to do and if we need to use it then we have to adapt ourselves.”


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